Color Cube [VR]

A early prototype team wonderland designed to demonstrate the idea of binary search in 3 dimensional domain. Using Oculus and Oculus touch, you are going to search for a specific color by recursively splitting the cube into 2 halves and eliminate the halve where the target color not lies in.
Programmer (Interaction) / Designer Jiawen Liang
Programmer (Visual) Luna Zhang

The most interesting problem for this one is to create cheap in calculation but rich visual feedback for Oculus to handle. So all the movements of particles [Node in the cube] are mostly local. The nodes are particles within single particle system.

The slight waving effects is using formula :

offset_z = k0 * sin( k1 * time + k2 * x + k3 * y )

and the vanish effect is targeting small sphere area around each node itself.

Currently  I am integrating the feedback for force point inside cube.

[Update 04-05-2017]

This version I changed the whole system to use the mass-spring system 3D so that the movement is more fluent and preparing for extension of customized force field.
However there is problem of motion sickness when playing it with headset and I am seeking ways to optimize.

[Update 4-10-2017]

Added UI of target color and current average as well as UI for overviewing the whole cube’s color gradient.


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