Flying Flags [VR]

This is a prototype which tests using metaphor of connecting banners to represent linked list. User could practice operations including inserting nodes, inserting list, delete node  and other combinations of these operations. Traversal is represented by rotating a big wheel ( which is one direction). If you do things in a wrong order. i.e detach the pointer first, you will lose the whole banner from the next node till the end. The nodes are only effective when you insert them in the list, which is to say, you can point as many nodes as you want  to one certain node, but it will only help forming the string when it can be reached when traverse from the start node to the end node.

In this period of development, I functioned as programmer for the rope behaviors which uses simple interpolation to have curvature movement. Additionally, I am also responsible for implementation of tree structure which hold  node sets connected to each other.

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